Dear jammers,

We have started the preparations to host Global Game Jam Groningen physically again in 2022.

We don’t know what the situation in January will be.

If the situation does not allow for physical events, we will issue refunds and revert to our backup plan plan of doing a free “Global Game Jam NL” online location.

We will start ticket sales this year, and inform you of the final decision in early January. Until this time, we plan to prepare the physical site, and will likely offer refunds if we have to switch to online.

Game jam?

Game jams are comparable to hackathons, but for games. In under 48 hours (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) you create a (digital or analog) game from scratch, including design, artwork, building and (hopefully) testing. Game jams revolve around inspiring one another, going crazy with experimental ideas and celebrating how wonderful game development is.